Our core value was started so as to create a new item substitute for the existed models in the marketplace, featured as an easy-fitting and customized item for most of the famous car brands at a fair price.

In contrast to the price level, Extreme Spoiler presents a top shelf product, creating a fashion that never goes out of style and provide the most excellent service in every transaction.



The Extreme Spoiler is designed to fit on more than 80% models on the market, each one is specially customized for different models from the style, color to dimension.

No longer trapped by limited budget, you are free to choose the right style to create the best match on your car.



Each spoiler will be painted in the factory color before delivery. Standox paint and 3 layers of Anti-UV clearcoat are applied to ensure the best painting quality and color match .

Before every spoiler is launched, the product will be carefully tested on real car in order to reach the best fitment. The high-level, flexible material enable the spoiler to fit perfectly on each vehicle.



The outstanding R&D team of Extreme spoiler came up with different designs of spoiler in order to match variety styles of vehicle such as sports car and elegant car. The different height and the design of the edge of Extreme spoiler will bring vehicles a brand new look. With the Extreme Spoiler, your car  will be very unique, and represent your style.   



We are always seeking the latest car models on the market, and use a short period of time to create a spoiler that suitable for the vehicle. In addition, each order of Extreme Spoiler only requires five business days for the handling time.



Extreme Spoiler has now released products for over 100 models and continuously flesh out our catalog. Customers are always welcomed to discuss with us about the customization if you can’t find the correct one for your vehicle!

We start our dream at the headquarter in LA, United States. The next step, with no doubt, is to march toward the global market. Our success derives from your support and advice!


Extreme spoiler

a new dimension for you to explore.