EXTREME Introduction

Extreme Introduction


Extreme 1st

This is the most aggressive design of all extreme spoiler series.

With its base width of 4.5 cm and raised altitude of 3.5cm , EXTREME 1ST GEN adds an compelling element from the rear of your car. 

Compare to our prototype of EXTREME spoiler , the reinvention of broad-sectioned design has been applied from the top to the two sides.

Check below our recent works on BLUE WRX STI 2015, EXTREME Spoiler A new dimension for you to explore


Extreme 2nd

Compare to the 1st Gen, although Extreme 2nd Gen is merely 2 cm in height,

The spoiler inherits the sporty element of the cross section but lower the height to 2 cm.

Decrease on the thickness not only makes the spoiler much easier to install but presenting an understated style on the whole.


Extreme 3rd 

The 3rd Extreme spoiler is featured as a completely different model from the last few types.

Casting out the traditional frame, Extreme 3rd spoiler is destined to be leading-edge product.

The cleanly design creates a perfect match on sport cars or coupe models to accentuates the streamline of the body.